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Get insightful technical analysis for futures and Forex markets that empowers confidence and market clarity.



The TAS Product Line

Charting Indicators

The flagship TAS Charting Indicators provides Market Profile simplified! 

Market Internals

Keep a constant pulse on the Emini SP with powerful market internals stats!  

Opportunity Scanning

Scan any market for directional bias, probabilities and algo-driven ideas. 


Empowering Traders Globally  

Helping traders leverage the TAS Market Profile approach is our passion. Are you ready for an eye-opening look at the markets?

TAS Client Enjoy:

  • Proprietary technical analysis products
  • Online learning opportunites
  • Technical support (by humans, imagine that)

TAS Charting Indicators for GAIN

The acclaimed TAS Charting Indicators deliver proprietary technical insight and can be applied to ANY MARKET and ANY TIMEFRAME!

Indicators Available:

  • TAS Market Map
  • TAS Boxes
  • TAS Vega

  • TAS Navigator
  • TAS Ratio
  • TAS Static & Floating PCLs 

The EDGE for Emini SP Traders

The EDGE provides an information advantage by extracting "market internals" that perpetually analyzes if stocks in the SP 500 are bullish or bearish to formulate trading bias and anticipate market shifts. 

The EDGE Includes:

  • Market Breadth Chart, Meter & Breadth Stats
  • Volatility Gauge
  • Multi-timeframe Landscape Profiles

Market Scanning for ANY Market! 

Save valuable time with the TAS Profile Scanner Plus+ software, a must-have for any Market Profile enthusiast. Find market movers daily with this stand-alone software that scans stocks, ETFs, commodity futures, and Forex.  

Features Included:

  • Customizable Dashboard 
  • Market Breadth and Stats  
  • Matrix Opportunity Analyzer

  • Stock Index Heat Grid 
  • TAS Says AIgo Commentary
  • Landscape Profile Charts 

Inside The TAS Scanner [Video]


Are you ready to empower your trading?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Install the Products?

After subscribing, you'll receive an email with installation instructions and your required login credentials. 

Do I need Any Special Software or Computer Prerequisites?

The EDGE and TAS Profile Scanner Plus+ products are stand-alone software packages and do not require any additional software. The TAS Charting Indicators require a TAS-compatible host platform and the indicators are available as a premium add-on. All of the TAS products require a Windows-based PC/laptop environment or a "virtual" Windows setup (such as Boot Camp or equivalent). The installation process takes just a few minutes. 

What Is Your Product Change and Cancellation Policy?

Simply alert us via email a minimum of 3 days before your renewal date so we have adequate time to change or halt your billing. It's that simple. 

Is There a Free Trial?

We do not offer free trials to the products, but we have an abundance of ways you can gain confidence in the products such as watching our videos or attending live webinars.  

Can I Lose Money?

Yes. You must take full responsibility for your trading endeavor and that includes trading losses too.

It's Still Your Trade. Just Better.