TAS Indicator Suite

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TAS Market Map (FREE)

TAS Market Map delivers the industry’s most visually-appealing Market Profile with crisp, color-coded horizontal histograms revealing volume accumulation, gaps, and critical value areas. Custimizable to display multiple maps, analysis period, and direction of the display. 

TAS Boxes

Known formally as “TAS Dynamic Profile,” TAS Boxes alleviate the ambiguity of traditional Market Profile by delivering explicit levels that pinpoint the High Value Area, Low Value Area, and Point of Control. These levels adjust in “real time” and used to reveal entries, stop losses and target exits.  

TAS Vega

TAS Vega provides indisputable clarity to know exactly when the market is bullish (green), bearish (red), or in the balance zone (grey). By taking over the standard coloring of price bars, TAS Vega gives a meaningful color scheme that makes it crystal clear what side of the market is in control. 

TAS Navigator

TAS Navigator is a versatile combination indicator that identifies when momentum is changing and trend exhaustion is likely. Traders can objectively gauge the strength of a move and prepare for market turns in advance. This is a must-have for traders seeking a complete picture of any market.  

TAS Ratio

TAS Ratio forecasts short-term price movements and is especially useful for gauging intraday target exits. It was designed to identify when price movement is confirmed by volume and volatility. Conversely, TAS Ratio reveals when moves lack conviction to follow through. 

TAS Price Compression Levels (PCLs)

TAS Price Compression Levels (PCLs) provide reliable support and resistance levels displayed on your chart. TAS Static PCLs provide levels that remain intact throughout the session while TAS Floating PCLs provide dynamic adjusting levels throughout the trading session. 


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