Activation Process

FINAL STEP:  Install TAS for Trade navigator

This page will guide you through how to successfully install TAS Indicators on your computer for use on the Trade Navigator platform.

The current TAS version for Trade Navigator is 2.0A (released 9/23/15).

NOTE: An active membership is required for TAS products to work. 


IF YOU ALREADY HAVE TRADE NAVIGATOR INSTALLED:  Please contact Trade Navigator via email at or call 719-884-0245 and ask them to contact us on your behalf to verify your TAS membership with us and then they will provide instructions for how to download the upgrade that includes TAS Indicators. Only after prompted by the Trade Navigator team, you may proceed to upgrade within the platform by clicking FILE > Update Data > Choose Upgrade > Download a Special File > Start button.

IF YOU DON’T HAVE TRADE NAVIGATOR YET:  Click the button below to launch the installation of both the Trade Navigator platform and TAS Indicators. When running Trade Navigator for the first time, you’ll be able to immediately start a free trial account.

* IMPORTANT NOTE:  During installation, you may be prompted to install Windows Visual C++. These are required Windows files to run the software and you should proceed. Additionally, you may prompted to “repair” or “update” the the existing version that you have and if so, please choose the repair option. A reboot may be required thereafter. 


When using the TAS Indicators on your charting platform, you must be logged into our required TAS Launch Pad program. Locate the TAS “triangle” shortcut on your desktop that says “TAS Launch Pad” (see image at right), then click it and you’ll be prompted to enter your login details. You should have received these via a welcome email when joining. CONTACT US to submit a support case if you are unable to locate your login details and require assistance.

* IMPORTANT NOTE:  After you have successfully logged in, you may minimize the Launch Pad program window while using the indicators but you should avoid closing it. There is a convenient option to “Remember Me” so the program retains your credentials for future login efforts. If you should accidentally logout or close the program, simply login again.


After you have successfully installed the indicators and logged into the TAS Launch Pad, you can start your charting platform. View the short video to the right for a quick tutorial on how to insert the indicators on your chart.


That’s it! Now it’s time to continue exploring the TAS Trading Method and best practices through our popular learning venues.



Create a support case and our Help Desk Team will gladly assist you.


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